Arguably one of the most recognised desserts across the planet, cake brings people together. Why? Because it’s delicious, shared amongst many and can be the key to the planet achieving a better and more sustainable world… Wait, what?

Ok, let me back up. To be totally honest, what we really…

I’ve felt for years that the climate crisis is the defining challenge of our generation. My journey of environmental awakening has predominantly consisted of trying to make sustainable consumer choices and starting to build a career around climate resilience and sustainability.

The more I’ve sought to understand the climate crisis…

Traveling internationally is destined to be invigorating for the soul. With every brush of new culture and climate, our perspective is re-framed and our canvas of life altered. However, when attempting to incorporate sustainable approaches while traveling, our ability to calculate and accurately affirm our impact is impeded.

Ready for take off, through the Manang Valley, Nepal.

It comes…

If you saw a dollar on the ground, would you pick it up?

Picture this. It’s a warm Summer’s day and you’re walking through a park with some friends. You’re dressed a bit questionably, you probably wouldn’t wear this to grandma’s place. You’re having a bit of a giggle at…

Annalise Kerr

Exploring all things sustainability and enjoying life’s adventures along the way!

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