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  • Chris Kerr

    Chris Kerr

  • Simon Kerr

    Simon Kerr

    Climate change activist, research fellow, musician, creator of ‘Music for a Warming World’, http://www.musicforawarmingworld.org

  • Paul Murphy

    Paul Murphy

    I love writing about how we can improve our lives. Life alchemist, go-getter and deep diver into the sea of information. Pretty fun guy.

  • Christy Tesoriero

    Christy Tesoriero

  • Joe Oppenheimer

    Joe Oppenheimer

    Joe is a Performer, Mentor and Songwriter with 15 years experience on guitar and piano, specialising in real, heart-felt music: www.joeoppenheimer.com/songcraft

  • Jacob Grandstaff

    Jacob Grandstaff

    M.A. in History | Virginia | “When I say work I only mean writing. Everything else is just odd jobs.” — Margaret Laurence

  • Marcus Musick

    Marcus Musick

    Need to buy articles? Check out my profile at Constant Content! https://www.constant-content.com/Author/289617-Jack_Ryan-details-0.htm Pen Name (Jack Ryan)

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